Principled Leaders Everywhere


Principled Leaders Everywhere

Core Purpose

To Discover, Develop and Deploy the leaders of tomorrow; becoming a multiplying global movement of Principled Leaders Everywhere that permeates the world, as drops shape the oceans.

Core Values

Like the magnificent oak tree, which you will hear us refer to often; our branches reach for the sunlight. They climb higher and higher every day. But our strength is firmly rooted in the principles that form our foundation. 

  • Faithfulness: Surrendered to our calling.

  • Perseverance: Keep moving forward, day by day.

  • Excellence: From Basics to Mastery.

25 year Global Vision

Becoming that go-to global leadership foundation that Discovers, Develops and Deploys the resources of time, talent and treasure to grow Principled Leaders Everywhere; thus ambassadors within the Family, Social, Private and Public sectors of society.

Vivid Description of the Global Vision

We will constantly, year in and year out; faithfully; with perseverance; drive ourselves to be an excellent global leadership foundation.

Being “made in South Africa” will take on a fresh new meaning; as products and services are created with excellence. The fingerprints of our hearts, minds and souls would be seen on all we design, do and deliver.

200 years from now, our motto: “Principled Leaders Everywhere” will inspire others to see that reaching and living for global transformation is something we can all attain to and do if we are faithful and committed to a core purpose and calling.

Songs will be sung, writings will be written, war stories will be told, as we permeate the globe with “Principled Leaders Everywhere”.