Principled Leaders Everywhere

Reshaping leadership is possible

Our movement towards cultivating and nurturing quality, fully-equipped leaders grew from witnessing a global shortage of leaders who are willing to do what is right even if it makes them unpopular. We believe that collectively, we can raise principled leaders everywhere. Changing things around for the better starts with us, and it starts with you. Sprouting change. Today.

Principles do not come in and out of style

Times change. Society changes. The way we think about important concepts changes. Technological advancements reshape the world every single day. Medical discoveries continue to change how we live our lives and plan for the future. Change is such an ingrained part of our lives that we often refer to it as the only “constant”.

This is not true, though. Even more constant than our blue planet, spinning on its axis, is the set of principles each of us chooses to live by. These principles become your personal axis that, in both big and subtle ways, guides all your actions. Your moral compass. Your true north.

Yet, your ability to hold onto your principles while accepting, preparing for, and harnessing change, is what will make you an outstanding leader. A magnificent oak around which others will gather.

Because times may change, but principles are eternal.

Our True North

Like the magnificent oak tree, which you will hear us refer to often; our branches reach for the sunlight. They climb higher and higher every day. But our strength is firmly rooted in the principles that form our axis. The true north we focus all our efforts on.

  • Faithfulness: Fully committed to the growth of others.

  • Tenacity: Always finding another way to grow.

  • Discipline: Making the right choices in every situation.

  • Excellence: Accepting pruning as a part of the process.

  • Perseverance: Realising that growth takes time and respecting the process.

What are we growing towards?

The Vine & Oak Leadership Foundation will be at the forefront of developing leaders we can be proud of in every sector of society, using principles that are eternal. Like planting an acorn in fertile soil, so we will nurture, cultivate and multiply the principle-driven leaders of tomorrow.