Principled Leaders Everywhere

Part 6 – Summary

We summarise our Personal Leadership Development in the 4 Primary Dimensions of who we are as Human Beings. These dimensions are purely in our control and not controlled by others.

Part 5 – Overview

We help grow leaders in all the sectors of society and the spheres of influence. But, mostly we also help grow ourselves, you and me, in our own personal leadership.

Part 4 – Principled

Principles are age-old stakes in the ground that never changes, and these principles are the things that’s in us as leaders.

Part 5 – Intellectual Wellness

Leadership development as it pertains to our Brain, Mind or Mental and Intellectual Wellness. We discuss the 8 primary dimensions or functions of our brain.

6 Dimensions of Wellness

MyHeartFully This time with MyHeartFully, we’re talking about personal leadership, and personal leadership is really in the four dimensions, body, mind, soul, and spirit. Over the years as I was developing the MyHeartFully coaching model, one day I sat down with a doctor and I explained to her this whole dimensions of body, soul, mind, […]

Part 3 – Legacy Leaders Today

#LegacyLeadersToday Good morning everybody. It’s Monday morning, and we’re on location at Onrus beach for a second time, and hey, enjoy this segment with us. This channel is about leadership, leadership development, and hey, I’m sure you can recall our motto, “Sprouting Change. Today”. I always have a secret to show you, come check this […]

Part 2 – MyHeartFully

MyHeartFully coaching model consist of four dimensions of who we are as a person. MyHeartFullyHis, MyHeartFullyTheirs, MyHeartFullyAlive, MyHeartFullyWise is contained in my mind, my body, my soul, and my spirit.

Part 1 – Introduction

The Nucleus Every new venture, every new challenge… Everything we do is rooted in our core values. All other pursuits, experiments and achievements branch out from here. Faithfulness: We remain steadfast in what we have been called to do. Tenacity: Once our eye is always on the prize; we will not stop until the work […]