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Good morning everybody. It’s Monday morning, and we’re on location at Onrus beach for a second time, and hey, enjoy this segment with us.

This channel is about leadership, leadership development, and hey, I’m sure you can recall our motto, “Sprouting Change. Today”.

I always have a secret to show you, come check this out…

Pillars - Metaphors that represent society

Now, look at that, pillars holding this roof that you just saw. And these pillars to me are metaphors that represent society, then you’ll notice there’s nine pillars and nine pillars are actually part of three main sectors of society or three primary sectors of society.

So, the one sector is obviously the public sector, politicians, etc… Then you get the private sector, which is business and etc… And we’ll talk about the subsections of the private sector. And then, there’s the social sectors, and we’ll talk about social sectors, and one of them is family. And that is actually… the whole society is made up of that.

Now, we all are part of society in which way or another, daddies, mommies, all of us make part of society.

But, I want to challenge you to actually start discussions about these breakdowns of society and why these breakdowns happen.

Need Solutions to these breakdowns

In our first episode, we spoke about breakdowns and I said, if, you know, you look at the news you see these breakdowns coming.

I think we need to find solutions, not to have these breakdowns and again, it starts with me, it starts with you. So yeah, please comment, join our channels, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, even Instagram. And let’s have this discussion about the breakdowns of societies, how it happens, and how we can reverse that.

That’s a wrap, I hope you enjoyed this short introduction on Legacy Leaders. These pillars that we saw, the nine pillars which are part of the sectors… the three main sectors. As I said, you know, like, share, comment. Don’t forget to subscribe. 

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