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My Heart Fully

Good morning everybody, here on location with us on the beautiful Onrus beach.

I hope you enjoy this scenery and this segment with us. This channel is about leadership, leadership development, discussions on leadership… and hey, never forget our mission. It is sprouting change, today.

Come with me, I want to show you something right here. Water, the wonder of water… the wonder of drops… the wonder of streams… the wonder of the ocean.

Now, interesting… the story that a professor, Lumumba told last year, which stuck with me and that’s why we’re on location here, on the beach. He said, “If you think you’re going to change the world, think again, it’s impossible”.

I thought, “Wow, we’re all about changing the world and now you’re telling us we can’t change the world”. And then he said, “We are like drops in the ocean”. And these drops collectively, make up the ocean, and if we lock arms as drops, we can actually create these big waves. And that makes us part of the bigger ocean. So, yeah. Drops… me, you, make up the streams, make up the ocean.

Leadership Development

As we said, this channel is about leadership and leadership development.

I want to drill down a little bit on leadership and personal leadership. So, leadership starts with me, my own leadership, how I lead myself.

I fondly have coined this, MyHeartFully and that is actually my coaching model. So, MyHeartFully is in four dimensions of who we are as a person. So, here I am sitting… I have a mind, I have a body, I have a soul, my thinking capacity, and then I actually have a spirit, my conscience, or my inner voice.


Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit

And so, those four dimensions, MyHeartFullyHis, MyHeartFullyTheirs, MyHeartFullyAlive, MyHeartFullyWise is contained in my mind, my body, my soul, and my spirit. 

So, that was a short overview on the MyHeartFully model. In fact, we’re going to start a channel just on the MyHeartFully concepts. If you enjoyed this and you want to give your comment, as I said, like, share, and hey, don’t forget to subscribe.

It blesses my heart so… to speak to partners and life partners that help to make this channel possible, and every week as I speak to you guys I love to hear your comments and as you get involved. And hey, thank you guys… thank you so much.

A special shoutout to Noproblem Systems, check out their link below. So, that’s a wrap. I hope to see you next time, and hey, cheers.