Principled Leaders Everywhere


Good morning everybody, here on location with us, we are again at Onrus beach, and I hope you enjoy this segment with us. 

This channel is about leadership, leadership development, today we’re going to look at leadership and how it relates to principles or the principles that undergird or are the foundation of leadership. And remember, our mission is sprouting change, today. 

As always, there’s this big reveal, the secret I want to show you. So, hey, come with me, I want to show you something rock solid.

Now, principles are like that. We’ll talk later about values, but I want to talk about principles.

Principles are these age-old stakes in the ground that never changes, and these principles are the things that’s in us as leaders in our personal capacity, as leaders with our teams and our groups, and as leaders in the various sectors of society. 

So, talking about principles, I’m sure you know this story… been told many times by various people.

Living with Principles

At The Vine and Oak Leadership Foundation we don’t believe that leaders simply stumble upon their calling. Instead true leaders are nurtured along the way, mentored until they are ready to fulfil their calling. By investing in the process and raising quality leaders we can turn things around – a global movement resulting in leaders we can be proud of. By living with principles (Principiis Vivere) we can nurture the excellence that will reap rewards for generations to come.